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Easy games and keep kids entertained: It's a very easy game for children to play and learn to toss and catch. To play this game please hold a paddle in your hand and try to catch the ball your partners throw at you, it’s very fund indeed. In another while, the adjustable trap of each paddle can be according to your hand size and suitable for most people.

Perfect game for family activities: Your family won’t know what to play or where to go on weekends, holidays, let us help you with the toss and catch game, your kids need parents' companion. The interaction between parents and kids plays a very important role for kids' growth. It’s an ideal game set for helping greatly improve the relationship among family members.

Great ideal for gift: Our toss and catch game is perfect for outdoor activities. Kids could play it everywhere. Play this game will help your kid improve their health and love activities even they do not like doing sport.



It's such a funny and easy game to play with my kids in the backyard. I can start teaching my four-year-old son how to play catch he was always trying to toss things back and forth. I thought this would be good for him and have fun without busting my TV or furniture.

Lisa Laughtonr

This is a great combo with 4 paddles and 4 balls and a neat storage bag. I got this for kids to play with at my son's outdoor birthday party and they were a hit. My son is still asking me to play with it with him since the party ended. He really enjoys these and his mom who is disabled can play with him while I'm at work. Good buy.

Rose Villatoro

This game is easy to play, lots of kids like this too much. It’s easy for her to catch the ball and it’s not too stuck. We gave my 5 year-old daughter this for her birthday and she loves it. Every thing is still intact and nothing broken.